Celebrating Milestones in Growth

 As we elevate and advance our personal and spiritual growth, we are frequently presented with the dilemma of how to sustain our motivation toward our goals. – we celebrate these moments of elevation! 

And It is in our sustained efforts that need to be celebrated, because it is our sustained efforts that will ultimately lead to our goal. Gifts of Elevation reminds us to pause and replenish the self whilst in pursuit of self-betterment. It can also act as a reminder to elevate our spiritual awareness and maintain heart-fulness in our daily undertakings.


When do we celebrate Elevation?

Every day! Acknowledge the actions you take towards your goal every day, and celebrate the little victories. The celebration of every elevation, no matter how small, primes you positively for your next undertaking. One of our favourite ways to simply highlight these moments is with a physical response- like a heartfelt smile to yourself!

Then, set up longer term milestones with larger rewards. For these milestones, remember the following:

It’s more helpful to celebrate time-based milestones as opposed to trying to measure changes you’ve made. For example, If you want to write a book, celebrate after 7 days of maintaining a writing habit of 1 or more hours per day, regardless of the final result. These are the actions that will lead to your final goal and they should be reinforced through celebration. 

We can consistently be in the process of elevation as, in a matter of perspective, translate little acts that puts you forward; a better version of you everyday. 


Start Today!

Start today by giving yourself a pat on the back for your progress thus far, even if that progress just consists of you reading this article and triggering the planning of your next steps. Then break down your goal into smaller, attainable, time-based milestones. Choose your rewards and start working toward them!

Of course, the ultimate reward will be the completion of your goal, but for those times when the work and sacrifice involved seem to overshadow your enthusiasm, these little rewards will help you fuel the sustained inspiration, motivation and efforts that will ultimately bring your passions to fruition!

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