Surrendering to Universal Flow

When your mental state right in this moment is unalloyed happiness, you have an incessant need to seek pleasure – temporary gratification – and avoid pain. It is your need to separate yourself from the Universal Flow, because you only accept certain parts of reality.

What if the Universal Energy Flow actually supported you in every area of life? What if it led you directly to the greatest joy imaginable? What if, when you simply surrendered to the Universal Flow, you have nothing to fear? Gifts of Energy Flow brings us back to the process of surrendering to Universal Flow.

You do not exist as a separate being. This flow is in all things. It is that out of which the world arose. It is that to which it will return. In the Tao Te Ching, it is called the Tao. In Hinduism, it is called Brahman.

The truth is, putting these ’expectations’ on our outwardly existence is incredibly stressful. We’re constantly judging each experience as either pleasurable, or painful. And, we seek out certain ways to reduce the bad and augment the good. That’s a fool’s errand, though, primarily because it’s coming from a place of deep distrust in the natural flow of life.

In any way you live in separation to reality, you suffer. 

Every time you skew reality to be a particular way in order for you to be happy, you suffer.

It’s turning life inside out and the wrong way around. It’s casting the net of happiness upon the unpredictable and ever-changing sea of reality, when the purpose of our existential experience was only ever to inversely point the way to freedom and oneness..


Happiness is here already

Playing this game of judging each experience as it comes, also robs you from witnessing perfection in the present moment. If you just let this moment be as it is, it is sheer perfection. There is no other way of perceiving. Anything that says otherwise is just a thought and a story of conjured by ego.

See if, just for a moment, you can drop those thoughts about the future, or about how things “should” be. What is left here in the moment, when you drop those stories?

Nothing but perfection. Nothing but pure happiness. Nothing but deep peace.

That’s life. That’s who you are, underneath all the stories. And it’s always been here, waiting for you to notice it.

We are intimately connected to this Universal Flow, call it what you will. But every time you look to some part of reality and say ‘no’, you are resisting that flow.

This is why the need to emphasize the importance of saying ‘yes’ to reality as it is.

Saying ‘yes’ does not mean you’re telling the Universe you want more of that thing. 

You’re not saying, “Hey Universe, I want more financial lack!”. No, not at all.

Actually, when you say ‘no’ to it, you are in fact saying, “Hey Universe, I don’t like this thing. Keep bringing it back to me in bigger and bigger ways to remind me of how much I don’t like it, please.”

But when you say ‘yes’ to all of life, you are saying, “Hey Universe, I’m okay with wherever you take me. I am detached, which means you can swiftly take me to better and better places. I don’t need to pay attention to parts that don’t feel good to me, because they are just part of the flow, and I will accept them. And because I can accept them, I can let them go and move on.”

As hard as this might be to believe, the Universe is not out to hurt you. It is not out to crush you with resistance. It is just your own ‘no’ to life that does that.

Here’s the thing: you don’t need to do anything to be in the Universal Flow. You already are an intricate part of that flow. All you need to do is to simply let go of any and all of the resistance that arises.

Resistance is just showing you where you’re not allowing the Universal Flow. That’s its sole objective. Once you let go, there is no need for that resistance to arise again.


Where will the Flow lead you?

The fear of letting go I think is because people fear where the Universe will take them.

But the thing is, the desires, preferences, and interests you have are exactly part of that flow. 

They bring you joy, which means that they are part of the Universal Flow.

It is true, sometimes we have false desires, that arise solely out of our egoic insecurity. For instance, someone might want to be a millionaire, simply because they are insecure about not having enough money. But once they surrender to the Universal Flow, they might find that they are actually more comfortable with much less, but which still means abundance to them. They don’t necessarily need a million dollars in the bank to prove their abundance to themselves or others.

However, your true, inspired desires will only get stronger, not weaker. The Universal Flow will naturally carry you towards these desires. But in order for that to happen, you have to let go of the need of them. You have to just rest in the Universal Flow, perfectly happy with what is, being aware of the perfection in the moment.

When you surrender to the Universal Flow, magic will happen, without you even intending it.This is divine timing at its best! And this is the type of thing that just naturally happens all the time when we live in the Universal Flow. When life is a series of these beautiful synchronicities, it adds up. When money shows up just as its needed, or the perfect book makes itself known to you to help you on the next part of your journey, or any number of other signs enter your life just as you need them, you will observe that life is magic. 

So where will the flow lead you? It’ll lead you to greater and greater manifestations of magic in your life. Imagine every day being filled with incredibly personal, meaningful demonstrations of magic—of synchronicities that didn’t need to happen the way they did. Imagine being wowed every day that the Universe came through in just the perfect way. That is life in the Universal Flow. It is never-ending joy, and brand new surprises every day.


You can still have anything you desire

This is what co-creation is all about.

There is nothing wrong with deliberate intention. In fact, it is a natural part of who you are.

But, people coming to the law of attraction mistaken intention for attachment. They do this sort of seeking pleasure and avoiding pain, and they call it law of attraction.

But law of attraction, it is not. It is egoic striving. It is perpetuation of suffering. It is not co-creation, unless you mean the co-creation of resistance.

The law of attraction truly starts to give you magnificent results only when you let go and surrender to the natural unfolding of the Universal Flow.

This does not mean you cannot intend. It merely means that your intention is just a slight activation of vibration in pure awareness. It is effortless. It is a mere suggestion.

And, the thing is, it only takes this very light touch to get the Universal Flow moving towards this new desire. If effort is felt at all, ego is getting involved. Imagine you had one of those self-driving cars. You just set your destination, and sit back until you’re there. That’s more of the level of effortlessness this requires.

When you’re putting in effort with your manifestation, it’s like getting in under the hood and trying to do the Universe’s job for it. Your part is to hold the vibrational signature of the intention. The Universe’s job is, well, all the rest.

Your intentions are the driving force behind the Universal Flow, but it doesn’t need much of a force, at all. In fact, if you just sat back and didn’t intend at all, it’ll still bring you to greater things than you could even fathom. But, like my description of līlā above, we intend, for the fun of it. It’s all for fun. And then, when we let go, magic happens.


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