And we are passionate about enabling people to celebrate their authenticity in their spirited journeys.

Our lifestyle soulutions are aimed at re-associating with one’s awakened soul. One that is tired of the superficiality and instant gratification of disillusioned consumerism.

Whether you are a path-seeker, a student, a teacher, or just someone who seeks self-care and tools for self-empowerment, we want to support you to experience true contentment and lasting bliss.

When we expand our perspectives and align ourselves with the intention of communing with Athma, our own divinity within, we naturally elevate our experiences to something that is meaningful and fulfilling. This creates a natural feedback loop that we can truly rely on; a space where your inner knowingness thrives – when the mind takes a back seat and intelligence from your heart flows freely.

So come journey with us! As we share with you ways to commune with Athma. Inner SOULutions that support you in your majestic and magical journey!



The Athma Store by Athma Soulutions, is inspired by the wonders of Mother Earth & her exciting mysteries- her essence, the colours, textures, and nature inspirations.

As a unique and eclectic retail boutique on the historical streets of Haji Lane, the Athma Store (previously named, the Alternative Store) has been serving the local and international community for the past 4 years.

Founded by Omsira Barry, the retail space is an extension of his passion in crystals, sacred geometry as well as other tools for self-discovery and transformation.

All of us here aspires to bring you activated products for inspiration and life enhancement that celebrates the sustainable self. We absolutely love every item featured in the store and take care, to the best of our abilities, to share with you products, designed in Singapore and artfully hand-crafted with love and with ethical, joyful intentions.

We believe in free-spirited, functional & fun apparel and comfortable daily wear. We also create beautiful jewellery to express your vibrant and extraordinary personalities. All our home furnishings, accessories, incense, custom aromatherapy products and crystals are chosen in the spirit of sharing what we personally love wearing and enjoy using.

As the community expands, Athma SOULutions is born out of the growing exploration to apply the tools one can acquire onto experiential workshops, tribe events and healing circles.

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“Athma” means Soul in Sanskrit. Athma Soulutions is about redefining our experiences, through the Divine within, in a vibrant urban setting of Singapore.

This ever-growing tribe’s mission is enabling individuals to hold a safe and nourishing space where one can journey within to experience “Athma”, our soul’s truth and light.

In 2019, on top of a lifestyle retail experience, in-house events and workshops, the Athma Soulutions experience extends to intentional journeys to Sacred Sites all around the world, to encompass and embrace the sacred in every aspect of our lives and in all of our relations.


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