Amazonite Dragon Skull for Inner Truth & Harmonizing Heart's Coherence


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Amazonite Dragon Skull for Inner Truth & Harmonizing Heart’s Coherence

Athma Store X Ivo Manus – <IM SG> Collection One

This collection of crystal skulls are in fact lovingly curated just for Singapore by Master Carver, Ivo Manus! They bear the special sign of a carved “SG” apart from Ivo leaving his usual signature creators mark. Ivo hails from the Netherlands and is an maestro in skull carving, connecting deeply as each raw crystal is formed uniquely. Of Indonesian and Dutch descent, he always has a special connection with Asia.

This sacred tool gives Dragon skull guardians who are ready to remember, the power of Dragon wisdom, their own unique Dragon lineage and its great allies- to be of assistance to you in your healing and your spiritual growth. To help you transform out of fear consciousness and to assist others in moving into owning their personal power. Working with the Dragons Skulls allows you to shift veils easily without struggle, revealing Truth, and supporting you in the transmutation of any pain and suffering that is holding you back. By activating your Pineal Gland, Dragon Skulls support you in the rememberance of your connection to Source through your connection to the Dragon Crystalline Matrix. This Amazonite Dragon Skull has been attuned to the Athma Value of Energy Flow.

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Amazonite Dragon Skull for Inner Truth & Harmonizing Heart’s Coherence

144g – L 7.5cm / B 3.8cm / H 4.5cm

Amazonite supports discovering and speaking your personal truth in a way that is compassionate and often inspirational. It is a stone of peace and harmony, but a peace that arises from inner strength and harmony that rests on authenticity, not conformity. Its resonance offers a calming and soothing effect on the soul & mind and imparts stability & harmony.

Amazonite blends the qualities of compassion and honest self-expression to support communication that gets to the heart of the matter while staying in connection. It supports you to speak what is in your heart, while also supporting your ability to see others points of view, resolving conflicts by peaceful means. It also facilitates truth-telling within yourself, helping resolve inner conflict and revealing inner truth. It helps with finding and expressing your boundaries and standing up for your needs.

Do you write, speak, teach, or sing (or want to?) Amazonite can help you find within yourself your unique inspirational gifts and support you to share them with the world. It encourages you to fearlessly put forth your deepest personal truth, and it is this willingness to share your truth that will inspire others.

Amazonite, also called Amazonstone, is valued for its incredible beauty and effective healing powers. They work with you to:

  • Maintain optimum health
  • Harmonize the yin and yang energies.
  • Assist in manifesting universal love by dispelling negative energy, aggravation, and blockages.
  • Absorb microwaves, cellphone radiations and protect you against electromagnetic effluence, as an excellent filter
  • Ward off negating thoughts and deeds
  • Pave the way for spiritual, emotional, and physical healing
  • Impart a rational perception of personal truths and fortifies your spiritual beliefs
  • Enhance cellular generation, promote healing from injury and illness, and remove blockages from your neural impulses
As the stone of courage and truth, it makes sure your senses are in harmony with your environment and helps you feel connected to yourself. Moreover, the healing properties of Amazonite promote loving communication, open up your mind, and help you express your deepest emotions.
Amazonite carries the spiritual energy of personal truth and makes it easier to communicate these truths. It is extremely beneficial to all levels of consciousness and promotes all forms of creativity. It also encourages inner peace by helping you find what is right and true within yourself and communicate those beliefs and values to others. Moreover, it empowers you to manifest your dreams and desires by magnifying your intentions.

This crystal dispels negative energy and fear of judgment. It improves confidence and communication, empowers leadership and courage. With integrity, supporting strong boundaries, personal space, and freedom of expression. It connects the heart and throat chakras, facilitating clear expression from the heart. It is extremely soothing and calming to the brain, heart and nervous system. Amazonite is highly regarded as a powerful talisman for healing and prosperity.


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