The urban society has programmed us to lead such individual, separate lives.

Our busy fast paced days are catered to meet dead lines and fulfill our social responsibilities that usually leave us exhausted and not having any time for ourselves.

At Athma Soulutions, we recognize the importance of having a safe space to journey within. A moment to connect with our inner selves, to connect back to the breath, the inner child within.

We are individuals working together as a community.

A tribe.

We are a tribe of passionate individuals living in an urban setting, working together to integrate our union with nature in our daily lives.

By making space for our connection to nature, we work towards embodying the sustainable self.

The sustainable self for us is living our roles in society with the understanding of the circle of life.

The circle of life, has no beginning and no end.

Every part of creation exists as a part of this circle, and each have a purpose.

We are a tribe that insists on life, unity and equality .

Every person who sits in the circle has a voice, gifts, and the right to make the world a better place for all.

The way the individual lives will reflect that person’s commitment to the whole of creation.

Words is an empty commitment unless they ring with truth, and backed with positive actions.

And what better way to take actions yourself than to recognize that we are all in this together and that we can create the support system and to enable us to find this union.

The experiences that we offer are to support you in re-associating and remembering your sustainable self.

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