Tribe values are universal values that support a thriving community and they start with you, the individual, and the practices at the heart of self-stewardship: 

1. Be confident .:.  This isn’t about being egotistical or boastful. The root of the word “confident” is “with faith”. Confidence is the deep faith that you have gifts and potential to contribute to life. Anyone who has children can tell you that they “show up” with inexplicable in-born gifts. You, too, carry such gifts. And those gifts are yours to share with the rest of Life. You are valuable. There is no denying that.

2. Be curious .:. Like seeds planted within you at birth, your gifts call out to be continuously cultivated. And the only way to cultivate them is to share them, in a spirit of gentle, compassionate curiosity. This is the satisfying, lifelong work of mastering your craft. To be alive, is to be learning. As orchestra conductor Benjamin Zander says, “There is no such thing as failure; only feedback. And the only appropriate response to any outcome is: ‘How fascinating!'” Life’s journey is a search for ways to make your gift an ever more authentic expression of who you are.

3. Be competent .:. Life’s journey is equally a search for ways to make your gift ever more meaningful for those who willingly receive it. In all your curious learning, the constant goal is the highest level of competence. The word origin here is ‘to be fit, proper, suitable’. This calls for a continuous effort to bring new levels of thoughtfulness and care to your offering, as you would for your Beloved. It asks what role your gift plays in the unfolding story of the people and places it serves, including the larger context of which that exists within.

4. Be committed .:. To paraphrase Spiderman’s father: “With great gifts come great responsibility”. It is up to you to do whatever it takes to make your gifts visible and available to the world. Get out there and shine! At the same time, the need for others to accept the offering changes it from being a gift to a gimmick. A truly generous gift comes from a place of expressing your joy, not seeking validation or approval from others.

5. Be courageous .:.  All of this takes courage. The etymology here comes from the latin ‘couer” which means heart, and reminds us to listen to the wisdom of the heart and its ability to sense what it is you truly need. Find people, practices and places that renew and strengthen both your discernment and your determination. Whether it’s a spiritual practice, an expressive physical practice, a reflective community, or simply a walk in the woods, find sources of en-courage-ment.



Urban society has programmed us to lead individual, separate lives.

Our busy fast paced days are catered to meet deadlines and fulfill social responsibilities that usually leave us exhausted and not having any time for ourselves.

At Athma SOULutions, we recognize the importance of having a safe space to journey within: a moment to connect with our inner selves, to the breath, to the child within.

We are individuals working together as a community. A tribe of passionate individuals living in an urban setting, working together to integrate our union with nature into our daily lives.

By making space for our connection to nature, we work towards embodying the sustainable self: living our roles in society with a deep understanding of the circle of life.

The circle of life has no beginning and no end. Every part of creation exists as a part of this circle, and each serves a purpose.

We are a tribe that insists on life, unity and equality. Every person who sits in the circle has a voice, gifts, and the right to make the world a better place for all.

The way the individual lives will reflect that person’s commitment to the whole of creation. Words are an empty commitment unless they ring with truth, and are backed with affirming actions.

And what better way to take action than to recognize that we are all in this together– that we can create the support systems that we need to find this union.



A healer or medicine person is only a conduit for healing and heals through the sharing of love. The Medicine person has to put aside any personal need to be successful to come from a pure heart. It is only then that the Great Mystery is able to do the actual work.

Healing comes through Trust. We must trust that the Creator can work through the Medicine Person, letting go of hopelessness and opening a willingness to receive.

No healing is ever a failure. The only failure is when a healing is used to boost one’s self-importance or is refused in order to punish the self or another.



Sacred Law is not made by human beings, and often, it is the rules made by humans that can lead us down a crooked path.

All human beings are responsible for their connections to Spirit. When we ask for, and are given, divine guidance and direction, it is our responsibility to follow the Truth being presented to our hearts. We know what is True by the serenity it brings and the gratitude we feel.



Sacred spaces are alive with a rich epicenter of flowing Divine energy. To experience these energetic centres fully is to be in your own heart centre, fully in your presence, and to be open to every facet of every being sharing that space. Your heart core is your constant, just as the central altar is the constant of each sacred space – whether it is personal, communal or natural.



In the circle of words, we use the talking stick as a tool to bring sacredness to our spoken intentions. Whoever is holding the talking stick will speak with clarity and ease, addressing every person seated in the circle. All that is honored in the circle is affirmed by “Aho!” This affirmation comes from a place of full trust with the support of our ancestors.

The wise person understands that when others are not listening, or is having to know all the answers, they create debilitating barriers to their own learning.

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